Darin Preis


Well I've got to admit I didn't get much done this week. I took few days off to spend with my son during his spring break. Hayden was 3 when I started at CMCA and now he's 15 and on the verge of not wanting to spend a whole lot of time with his old man. I so appreciate these little bits of memories and working in an environment where families are such a priority.

Most of you kept rolling with the great work for which you are known. I popped in on a beautiful hodge-podge of employees who have been analyzing our community assessment data for the last two days. Maybe it was the coffee, or the hobbitt-like surroundings, but these folks did some amazing work to highlight potential focus areas as we move towards drafting a new strategic plan for the next three years. I expect to give all you of opportunities to weigh in as we get more of our ducks in a row.

I also stopped by the Cole East Early Head Start construction site where CMCA's newest most awesome-ist bathroom is taking shape. Seriously, it's going to be a fantastic new site and I can't wait to get kiddos in there.

Last, the final numbers from the 100 Man Lunch are below and photos from all the centers can be found at this link. Thanks to all who helped out! We had 476 people participate this year. What a great way to connect kids to adult role models AND to show off the amazing work of Head Start!

Have a great weekend!