Darin Preis

Despite my best intentions I didn't get this out on Friday but I didn't want to get out of the habit.

Last week was busy as usual. Senator Rowden stopped by the Cooper County Family Resource Center at Evan Melkersman's invitation. Eat Healthy Stay Active had its annual success luncheon to highlight their good work on health literacy. I oriented a new board member. Alan Winders is a new Audrain County Commissioner who I think is going to be great. Central Office had a safety meeting and scavenger hunt (to find all of our safety accessories like smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, exit plans, first aide kits, etc). The Board of Directors met, and the Managers got trained on Motivational Interviewing and Defeating Negativity in the Workplace. I know you did a hundred things on top of this list!

At the Board meeting the board discussed and approved our new comprehensive Development Plan (attached for your consideration if you're interested). Basically we'll be trying to generate $300,000 from new sources over the next 18 months to support our programs and facilities. Misty Larkins, PR Manager, has done a great job learning the lay of the land and incorporating our current realities into a plan that will take us into a future less dependent solely on federal funding. I will be asking you to consider your role in this process along the way. While you are not a fundraiser, you are a member of the CMCA family and we'll be asking you to adopt branding strategies that will both make your life easier and will amplify the impact and value of our work. Stay tuned.

The board also participated in an exercise to review the community assessment data many of you have been involved with, and to prioritize needs in our area. The conversation mimicked those that I've heard throughout our area. Should we focus on creating jobs, or job supports? Clearly employment plays a critical role in moving someone out of poverty but what gets in the way of someone getting and keeping a living wage job? These are the questions of our times. While we may not have the big answers, I know that we are part of the solution. Angela will be taking feedback from the Board to finalize the community assessment by June. Then we'll begin planning our next three year strategic plan to commence on October 1, 2017.

Finally, you may have heard that CMCA adopted a puppy named Tilly. Brandy Tallman is her guardian but Tilly will be a regular at central office. If you have pet allergies, please let me, Shonda, Julie, or Brandy know and we'll make sure to accommodate you and keep Tilly out of your airspace. For those of you who want to cuddle her to death there are some ground rules: 1) Do not give her any people food or snacks; 2) Do not give her dog treats unless approved by Brandy so her intake can be monitored; 3) She needs regular bathroom breaks after naps. It'll be good for our mental health to have Tilly around but we also want to make sure she grows up a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted dog! :)

Stay dry!

Thanks CMCA!