Darin Preis

CMCA Family,

I know I'm starting to sound (and look like) an old man but sheesh did this week fly by! The Leadership Team met on Tuesday and talked about our development plan, branding strategies, and Community Action Awareness month. We also talked a little about what authentic appreciation looks like. Every year our employee survey highlights to us that you like to be appreciated and we scratch our heads and say "we tell people 'thank you' all the time!" The thing we all need to remember is that appreciation should be specific, link to the benefit, and clearly express our thanks. It's easy to say thank you in passing but if you take a moment to think about why you appreciate someone, or some action, then expressing it comes across much more authentic and genuine.

Also, at last week's Managers Meeting we focused on defeating negativity in the workplace. I'll highlight a few ideas in the next couple of weeks. This is hard work that we do and Negative Nellie's can really drag us down. So, next time you encounter something that drives you nuts . . . STOP - BREATHE - THINK - and theeeen respond. Try it, you'll like it. In fact, deep breathing in general will make you feel better!

Speaking of feeling better, did you see the email from United Health Care that came in on May 3? The subject line was "3 belly busters that really work" and it takes you to a website called Healthy Mind Healthy Body that contains 12 simple tips for letting go of some of those extra pounds. My favorite is "Take a bite out of stress: When we're chronically stressed, our bodies release hormones that may add to belly fat."

Also, you have probably heard that our Foster Grandparents Program is entered into a competition in Lucky's in Columbia called Bags for Change to get a percentage of their proceeds if we're one of the top vote getters on their Facebook page. Several organizations are listed in the comment section and if you "like" the CMCA FGP comment, you get added to our vote tally. The competition is winding down so check in on Facebook ASAP!

Last, our BRIDGE program is having a Garage Sale on June 24 from 10am-2pm at the Boone Electric Community Room in Columbia and they need donations. Any donations are appreciated from furniture, dishes, nic nacs, clothing etc. No actual money will be exchanged because the families will purchase items based on BRIDGE Bucks they earn for participation. Donate by June 2 So they have ample time to go through everything and make sure it is clean and organized.

If your program wants to have a booth for this the event will also be a resource fair for different programs around the community for our families to obtain information and talk to the experts. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your interested.

Enjoy the long weekend and the beautiful weather!

Stay dry!

Thanks CMCA!