Darin Preis

Last night our most excellent Board of Directors met in our annual joint meeting with the Head Start Policy Council. It was great to see the Board and Policy Council interacting on both a personal level and in their official capacity throughout the meeting. In one instance the new Policy Council Chair provided an excellent testimonial on an issue that swayed a board member's perspective on it. That is exactly how that's supposed to work!

The Policy Council also elected two new low-income representatives to the board and the Board ratified their decision. In January we will welcome Cynthia Jones, from Cooper County, and Beth Plank, from Callaway County to the board. I am anxious to get the opportunity to visit with both of them in the next few weeks to get to know them and orient them to the Board.

Both governing entities got a heaping helping of training on board governance and the upcoming Head Start monitoring. Thanks to Beth Vossler for putting together excellent information. They also approved a new application to the Missouri Foundation for Health (more on that if we get it) and our amended budget now that we have figured out our path for a post-MWA CMCA. Special thanks to all of the Head Start leaders and Shonda who stayed late to help clean up and generally handled all the details. I see you! ;)

I wrapped up my week with the branding insights team as we near the point of getting recommendations on our CMCA brand from the Darwin Marketing Group. After interviewing and surveying people inside and outside of CMCA they have a pretty good handle on who we are. One of their slides pointed out the inevitable challenge that an organization that is spread out like ours is bound to have. Employees closer to leadership and central office tend to feel like they have too much information about our inner workings and people further away feel like they don't have enough. I have commented on this multiple times in these Leadership Links and I find it a daunting leadership challenge. Which side of that do you feel like you are on? Are there things you'd like to know that nobody is telling you? Do you have suggestions for how we can be most transparent without putting the weight of management decisions on your shoulders? I'm really interested in your thoughts.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!