Darin Preis


First the good news: It is so important to acknowledge the impact of the many partners and volunteers that support CMCA throughout the year. That's why we changed the name of our annual report to a Gratitude Report. We can't and shouldn't do this work alone and now it is time to thank those who care about our community as much as we do. Please take a moment to think about these partners and volunteers and consider submitting a nomination. The Leadership Team will select our top partner to recognize at the Missouri CAN conference in May but we will recognize all nominees locally. Please submit one or both of the nominations below to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by January 31.

Next, the stuff that keeps me up at night: You may have heard that Congress has until midnight tonight to pass a spending bill to fund the government. If it passes a continuing resolution for some period of time, everything is fine for that period. If they are not able to pass a resolution, the federal government will shut down. Essential services will still stay open, like the military, TSA officers at the airport, etc., but non-essential employees like the ones that monitor, process, and administer most of our programs will be put on furlough. That means that payments for our services will be on hold. We have enough cash reserves to continue full operations for two to three weeks. If a federal shutdown lasts longer than that however, we will have to close until they can resume payments. This is a highly unlikely scenario but I want to be up front about it. If we have to close, it would mean that everybody would go on temporary layoff status and would not be paid during that period. Again, I do not think this is going to happen. If this bothers you and, like me, you want to tell somebody that this is a bad way to run the country, feel free to check in with our local Congressional delegation. If you choose to do so, it should be done on your own time and with your own resources, and absolutely NOT with your showmeaction.org email account. Our legislators have online contact forms if you'd like to let them know what you think.

Senator Blunt
Senator McCaskill
Representative Hartzler

Your voice does matter.

Sorry to drop this on you on a Friday evening. I hope you have a good weekend regardless of Congress!