Leadership Link December 22, 2017

Darin Preis

Happy Holidays Everybody!

I hope all of you have a warm and happy long weekend and get to enjoy the peace and spirit of this season. Keep those who struggle during this time in your thoughts and prayers.

The auditors left this afternoon after giving Brandy, Christine, and I a quick summary. They still have some final details to look through but as of this moment there are NO FINDINGS. We had a new auditor this year and we didn't know what to expect. It was an oddly quiet week as the accounting team braced themselves for an onslaught of requests. While a few late issues popped up, they were of little consequence and all is well. I can't thank Brandy Boyer enough for her leadership and diligence. Good CFO's are not easy to find (or keep!) but she is one of the best. Thanks too to Christine and the accounting team (Raj, Akhil, John, and Sopros). They do fantastic work and I'm so glad they are part of the CMCA family. Also thanks to anybody that had to submit information or were "on call" for audit requests and special thanks to Beth Vossler for constantly backing up the accounting team on all things Head Start!

While I'm thinking about the admin team, Julie, Brandy, Martin, and Sandy have been putting in long hours this week to make sure our new payroll system gets you all paid as expected. They take this responsibility SO seriously and I am so proud of them as they systematically troubleshoot, learn, grow, and support the CMCA team. Hopefully you'll never know how difficult and stressful this process has been but if you get a chance I'd encourage you to give them a pat on the back when you see them next.

Thank you for all you do and the wonderful impact you have on the lives of so many.