Spring is Here!

Darin Preis

It's beautiful outside and I'm itching to go for a jog. I'll try to be brief (though that's not my forte!).

The Leadership Team met on Monday:

  • We reviewed the Employee Survey (74% response rate. Wow!)
    • The trends all seem to be positive
    • for the last 5 yrs we have made changes based very closely on your responses and you seem to have liked those changes
    • the Leadership Team is reviewing opportunities to continue to make CMCA the best place to work (period).
  • We considered final draft strategic plan outcomes
    • based on board feedback
    • based on recommendations from the strategic planning committee (remember way back in November?)
    • based on Pathways to Excellence identified priorities
    • based on Leadership Team discussion
    • based on the notes I keep by my bed for random thoughts at 3:00AM
    • the draft outcomes are to be considered by the board of Directors at our April meeting
  • We reviewed CMCA website feedback and made changes that YOU recommended
  • We selected Dr. Buecke as our Volunteer of the Year for his work with Eat Healthy Stay Active, and Jefferson City Rotaract for Partner of the Year for their support of Head Start (donations and volunteers). Don't tell them though because the "Prize Patrol" will be out to surprise them. Their selections will go to MACA for statewide consideration.

Do you buy stuff on Amazon? Are you using Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchase comes back to CMCA? When you start your shopping at Amazon Smile, you can select your non-profit of choice to get a few cents on every purchase. It doesn't cost you anything extra, all the same shopping options are available, and you'll smile when you hit "Purchase" (or I will anyway). Why would I care about a few cents? Well if you buy as much as Martin does, and you tell your friends and family, and they tell their friends, well you get the idea . . . it adds up. Check it out next time you're shopping online.

Last, tell me what you think makes CMCA a great place to work . . . Would you be willing to say it on camera?

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