Leadership Link February 10, 2017

Darin Preis

CMCA Family,

It was another wonderful week in CMCA land . . . and I'm ready for the weekend! My survey question about the BBQ name last week received a LOT of response. Seventy of you weighed in and nearly half of you don't like the name. There's no reason we should have an event that we can't get 100% support for the name so we're going back to the drawing board. The board will discuss this at our next meeting and we'll get a name you can be proud of. Thanks for your feedback!

The Leadership Team met Tuesday with a full roster including setting the agency calendar for 2017-18. It's amazing that we have to plan that far ahead but we'll run into conflicts if we don't block the time early. I'm particularly interested to see how the Monday staff picnic goes this year (May 22) because we've already booked it that way for 2018 too. You also might be interested to know that we are scrapping the old format for the employee orientation (many of you know it as "boot camp"). The feedback from the "speed dating"/internal partners event last summer was overwhelmingly positive. You may remember that we did some short presentation about each of our programs but then gave you plenty of time to brainstorm and plan around those resources in your county. This model fits better with where we are in terms of service integration at CMCA and we're going to do it that way again next August.

Yesterday Williams Family Support Center staff and students celebrated Grandma B's 95th birthday! She is a Foster Grandparent who has been volunteering at our Mexico Head Start center for 18 years. Amazing! I also got a bunch of hugs from Head Start children and they absolutely FILLED my spirit to the brim. Note to self: Go to Head Start when the kids are AWAKE.

Social media is an increasingly important communication tool. It helps us to engage and connect with not just the people we serve through our programs, but the people who we would like to support our mission. It can help extend our reach and increase our exposure across mid-Missouri and introduce people who might not know us otherwise to the work we're doing in our communities and the resources available to them. In order to get the most out of the opportunity social media provides, we have to be sure that we're presenting a clear, unified message that ties to our mission and vision as an organization on all of the pages that we manage. To help with this, I have asked Misty Larkins to do an inventory of all of the CMCA-related pages that are out there. Look for a short, 3 question survey early next week that will help to identify these pages and get a general idea of the type of content that is currently being posted. From there, we'll work together on a framework for posts that help tell the story of CMCA even while you highlight the relevant events, news, and fun that you always have.

Keep inspiring each other like you do for me! Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.