February Board Meeting

Darin Preis

The day after a board meeting is always a good day for me. There's usually a little stress build up leading up to the meeting, then a great meeting, and then some decompression and a blue jeans day. Today the sun has warmed me more than the cold has bitten.

The board met last night and reviewed our glowing audit. You may have seen Brandy's email from earlier this morning. Brandy doesn't gush much but you all deserved the kudos. Having a clean audit does wonders for all of our current funders and opens doors to new ones down the road. Special thanks to Brandy and the Accounting Team for the great work all year long.

The board also reviewed and approved my succession plan. While I don't plan to go anywhere soon (knock on wood), it is a best practice for the board to have a plan in place in case of an emergency. Julie Kratzer would be the Acting Executive Director if I were suddenly incapacitated. We also added language that would direct the board to MACA as a transition resource. Our state association is one of the strongest in the country and they are a great resource for agencies. Are you a member yet? (Talk to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to.)

The final action item last night was approval of the new selection criteria for Head Start enrollment as required by new regulations from the Office of Head Start. With the business items taken care of, I introduced Stacey Button, President of REDI (Regional Economic Development, Inc) to the board. She is new to the area and new to her position and is on a "listening tour" to learn from area organizations about the business climate. I am very pleased that she included CMCA on her list as I think it is a sign that people are starting to see us as part of the economic engine of this area.

Speaking of MACA, mark your calendars now for the Community Action Day at Busch Stadium to see the Royals take on the Cardinals in St. Louis on June 13. This was a lot of fun last year and it will be a great game considering the run both teams took into the playoffs last season. Tickets will be $20 for CMCA employees and guests. Evan or I will send more info about this soon.

Food for thought: Be careful what you write in emails from your showmeaction.org account. Our email is Sunshineable. In other words, if someone requests emails pertaining to a topic or person, we are obligated to present what we have (within certain parameters that I won't go into). Even if you have deleted all of your email, your sent mail may be sitting on someone else's account.

Odd request of the day: Can I have your wine corks? Brooke and her husband are going to be doing some minor renovations at Cafe Via Roma. One of the components will be a wine cork splashboard and we need lots of cork (if only we could use the truckload of cheap beer caps in Brandy's garage!). If you have any, could you send them to Central Office? Special thanks to Brooke and James Eskridge for their generosity.

We had the good fortune of celebrating a birthday in Central Office this afternoon and Julie sent the following YouTube link to indicate that it was cake and ice cream time. I smiled for one minute and eighteen seconds. Please feel free to do the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIbUPjtz9Kw