Leadership Link July 14, 2017

Darin Preis

At my Rotary breakfast this morning we heard a presentation from Central Missouri Honor Flight and it has been with me all day. Several years ago I was in the airport in Washington D.C. when one of these flights arrived. We were all cheering and waiving flags to celebrate and thank our service members who fought in foreign wars. Very powerful. It inspired me to send a text to my father-in-law this morning thanking him for serving in Vietnam. He was a medic and struggles with his memories even today.

But enough about my emotional state . . .

Last week our strategic planning committee did some great work. We have a draft of a plan that took us in a different direction than I thought. Rather than identifying priority areas solely from the Community Assessment, the committee prioritized our ability, as an agency, to meet those needs. We will still need to look at how we address community needs but I think that will come out of programmatic work plans rather than the agency strategic plan. I'll have a full draft to share with you in a couple of weeks but here are the Strategic Priority areas and outcome statements so far:

  • Priority Area 1: Service integration
    • Participants will have seamless access to services that meet their needs.
  • Priority Area 2: Evaluation/measurement
    • CMCA will capture unduplicated data that reflects our outcomes.
  • Priority Area 3: Funding
    • CMCA will have flexible resources necessary to fill needs of stakeholders.
  • Priority Area 4: Excellence
    • CMCA will be an agency of excellence (this work is continuing from the current plan)

Obviously these are broad concepts that will require a variety of actions but you get the idea. If we are successful in meeting these outcomes over the next three years CMCA will be in an even stronger position to empower individuals and families to achieve self-reliance.

In other news, you may have heard that we received a giant check ($10,000) from Veterans United to support our Pregnancy Crises Fund this week. We also received an award from 3M to support the Women's Business Center. Thanks to everyone involved in attracting those partners and supports! These grants are important in helping us to do our work (think about Priority areas 1 & 3 above). While we operate on very large grants from federal funders, these local supports make all the difference in our ability to be flexible, innovative, and to truly meet the needs of our participants. While Misty Larkins, PR Manager, is tasked with coordinating our grantwriting efforts, you all are the content experts. If you are interested in learning about how to seek and write grants like those we received this week, Jaime Freidrichs, Director of the Missouri Women's Business Center is teaching a grantwriting workshop on August 29 from 6-8:00 p.m. She is holding seats for CMCA employees at no charge. If you're interested, talk to your supervisor about whether this would be a good fit for you and your schedule. You can register online here (use your CMCA email address so we know not to charge you).

Last, just for fun I was a "celebrity" bartender at a fundraiser last weekend for a local organization I've been supporting for years (PedNet). We served Logboat beer so we wore our life vests to keep from drowning. Andrew Grabeau, Executive Director of Heart of Missouri United Way, was my partner

Have a great weekend!