Leadership Link May 19, 2017

Darin Preis

As soon as you see this, go to your closet and set out all those gently used shoes that you forgot you had. Then put them in a bag and put them in your car. This way, you will remember to bring your shoe donation with you to the CMCA picnic on Monday! The Foster Grandparent Program staff will be waiting anxiously and with great appreciation for your contribution! FGP will get $.40 per pound of donated shoes and they need to get 250 bags full for this to be a profitable endeavor. Post this on your Facebook page and involve your friends, your church, your kids' school, and your neighbors. I know there are thousands of gently used shoes out there, forgotten and dejected, that could use a new home AND support our FGP program. Go get those shoes out of the closet RIGHT NOW!

This time of year my school board obligations always heat up. There are many ceremonies to mark the end of the school year, the end of high school, retirements, program completions, etc. High school graduation ceremonies are the most moving to me as they celebrate the culmination of years of schooling and the passing into adulthood. I just came from the Frederick Douglass High School Graduation and was particularly honored to hand diplomas to these young men and women. They have persevered through many challenges, were supported by a village of caring educators, and made the decision that they were going to succeed. I recognized several of them from when I played four-square with them in elementary school as part of a mentoring program and I'm fairly certain some of them are Head Start graduates. These ceremonies, taking place throughout Missouri during May should be celebrated by all of us. The work of school districts, non-profits, churches, and, most significantly, parents, led to this success. We should all celebrate because there is fresh hope for another generation and acknowledgement of a good job done all around.

On Tuesday I did a radio interview about CMCA. The DJ asked me to talk about CMCA and then just let me go for the next forty-five minutes. It was such a great exercise to describe all the work that you do to make people's lives better. There is no simple way to talk about the work that we do but it is worth trying at every opportunity. They need to hear our stories and the success you make possible. Community Action works because of you!

Have a great weekend.