Leadership Link October 26, 2017

Darin Preis

The Board of Directors just finished one of the best meetings we have ever had. We had substantive discussions about our mission, our funding, the budget, our insurance plan (which will remain unchanged from last year), and our plan for moving forward once the MWA contract runs out at the end of January. My executive team (Julie, Angela, Beth, Mernell, and me) has been working nearly around the clock for the last week since we got notice that we did not get the MWA contract and the attached document summarizes our plan. There are still details to be ironed out but I wanted you to see the plan immediately now that the board has discussed it. Many of you attending staff meetings on Friday and the Managers Meeting in a few weeks will have an opportunity to ask questions, offer feedback, and generally digest the plan over the next few months. As you will see in the attached document, we were able to maintain all but seven positions. Also, Angela and I will be meeting with executives from the new MWA contractor next week and we hope to create an opportunity for those seven individuals to sign on with them.

You can view the Post MWA Summary here.