Leadership Link June 23, 2017

Darin Preis

The day has already gotten away from me but I couldn't go home without a quick comment about the board meeting last night. We have such an excellent board. Engaged. Informed. Inquisitive. Motivated. The leadership team often talks about having the "right people on the bus" and we are so fortunate to be governed by a group of people that also fit that description.

In addition to their run of the mill business approving grant applications and such;

  • they got an update from Jaime Freidrichs about the MO Women's Business Center and all the great work happening there;
  • they accepted a CLEAN audit from our auditor;
  • they approved a program modification for Head Start in Columbia;
  • they participated in an exercise led by Beth Vossler to explore their expanded governance role and select reporting criteria that they want to see regularly;
  • they accepted a challenge from Board President Jason Ramsey to raise $1,000 to sponsor a table at the October 12 Machens Toyota Wine, Women, and Song event to raise funds for Head Start.

AUDIT: I just have to thank every single person in this agency for the fact that we had a clean audit this year. You know we had some challenges in our CFO position but Brandy came back and pretty much saved our skin. She put in a lot of work getting everything back up to speed. Lisa Cumins also carried us through our difficulties with she-whose-name-will-not-be-spoken and she kept the accounting team motivated. The whole accounting department also came together as they learned and then had to re-learn how our systems work. They were patient, diligent, and committed to getting it right. All of our program managers also had to chip in. Beth Vossler comes to mind as I thought she was a member of the accounting team in July and August last year. For all of you who were under orders to leave the accounting department alone, or who had to wait a little longer than you were comfortable for that report or that budget guidance, and to all of you who paid a little extra attention to your paperwork . . . well, just thank you to all of you for being such great people. For most of us, our job takes up a significant portion of our lives and we have a choice to let it just be a job, or to embrace the Promise of Community Action and get some meaning out of this commitment. When you make that second choice it starts to feel a little more like home and you all feel a little more like family. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to say this and I appreciate you every day.

Have a great weekend!