Leadership Link May 26, 2017

Darin Preis


I don't know about you, but I really liked starting the week off with the staff picnic. Seems like it got me started on the right foot plus the week felt short and now we're already to Friday afternoon! I'd be interested in your feedback on our experiment to have the picnic on Monday instead of Friday. Did it set the right tone for your week or did it make your week weird?

I had the pleasure of visiting with a Step Up to Leadership class on Wednesday. Evan and Megan had the class engaged, participating, and thoughtful. It was a great opportunity to see one of our training staples in action. I also sat in on a webinar about creating a "trauma-informed" agency. I'm intrigued to learn more about how trauma affects people's perceptions and influences their interactions. I mention it here for the sake of planting a seed.

Last (yes, I'm trying to get out of here), I have to comment on President Trump's budget proposal. His proposal eliminates CSBG, LIHEAP, Wx, FGP, and many, many social service, education, and workforce support initiatives . . . and I'm not worried about it at all. While I've never seen such a mean-spirited budget, some of our programs have been zeroed out in the previous President's budgets. Congress will tell you though, that the President's budget is just a message about his priorities. It is not legislation. Our network has a strong and positive relationship with Legislators on both sides of the aisle and we will count on them to do the right thing for our country when they work on the budget this summer. I said I'm not worried, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do anything. I'm not worried because our network is going to work our tails off to 1) do a great job for our communities, and 2) make sure Congress knows that we're doing a great job for our communities.

We're going to be ok. If you're interested in the comments from our lobbyist, David Bradley, his response to the President's budget follows.

This weekend, instead of worrying about the budget, I hope you'll think about the men and women that really have made America great. Veterans across our country's history have sacrificed themselves for the ideals upon which our country is founded. I hope you'll take a moment to thank a veteran in your life.