The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps keep families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs. LIHEAP can help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer through programs that reduce the risk of health and safety problems that arise from unsafe heating and cooling practices. During the last several years, CMCA has helped nearly 7,000 families annually restore or maintain their utilities through LIHEAP throughout central Missouri.

The 2018 application is available now and can be mailed in or dropped off at the CMCA Energy Office located at
800 N. Providence Rd., Suite 103
Columbia, MO 65203

Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Disabled and elderly (age 60 or older) households may submit their applications at any time, although the program does not officially begin until November 1st.

For all other households the program begins December 1st and applications will be accepted beginning November 1st.

Please Note:   Payments/Pledges will not be made until after the new program start dates.

You can download the following forms:

LIHEAP Application and Instructions

LIHEAP Income Ranges and Benefit Amounts

The Missouri Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program has two components, EA (Energy Assistance) and ECIP (Energy Crisis Intervention Program). Since both are a part of the LIHEAP program, the eligibility requirements for them are the same, including the requirement that applicants be at or under 135% of the established federal poverty guidelines to receive assistance. During the last several years, CMCA has helped nearly 7,000 families annually restore or maintain their utilities through LIHEAP throughout central Missouri.


Energy Assistance

EA is a one time payment program operating in the winter season starting in November for those households with a person who disabled or age 60, and December for all other households. The program ends March 31st. The benefit level is based on the household size, income and the fuel type used for home heating. It is not necessary to be in crisis to receive assistance through EA.

Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)

ECIP has a Winter and a Summer season. Like EA, the Winter season starts in November for disabled and elderly households, December for all other households, and runs through May. The Summer season starts in June and runs through September. Applicants must have a disconnection notice or be shut off in order to receive ECIP assistance. The benefit is based on the amount required to resolve the crisis and keep the family out of threat for 30 days. The Agency is given a fixed amount of money from the State for both Winter and Summer ECIP. Applicants can receive up to $800 in the Winter and $300 during the Summer, provided the Agency has funds available. Families may get assistance as many times as needed, provided they have a shut off notice and have not reached their maximum benefit levels for that season.

LIHEAP Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for LIHEAP assistance, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be responsible for paying home heating and cooling costs.
  • Be a United States citizen, or have been legally admitted for permanent residence.
  • Have $3,000 or less in bank accounts, retirement accounts, or investments.
  • Meet specific income guidelines that vary according to household size and fuel type.