Central Missouri Community Action’s Mobility Management Project addresses one of the most basic barriers to achieving self-sufficiency: lack of transportation.

The project has two goals:

  1. Coordinate transportation efforts across our service area.
  2. Connect people with transportation services.

Our partners include transportation providers, the Mid-Missouri Transportation Coordination Council (http://devwebbuilder.nationalrtap.org/mmtcc), MO RIDES (http://morides.org/), and our grant manager, the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission (http://www.mmrpc.org/).

Mobility Coordinator Anthony Nichols is working with community stakeholders to create more efficient transportation systems in our eight counties, and he is working with people who need rides to connect them to the right resources.

He says, “Great efforts are being made nationwide in the area of mobility coordination, and our state looks to be a leader in these efforts. We aim to build upon the successes we've already seen while finding practical yet innovative new solutions. I'm humbled to be tasked with bringing communities together in order to make transportation a reality, as opposed to a barrier in peoples’ lives. After all, mobility has less to do with the movement of vehicles from place to place, and more to do with the movement of the people whom we ultimately serve.”

Contact Information
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573.443.8706 Ext. 1085

The position is funded through two grants coordinated by the Mid-MO Regional Planning Commission (Mid-MO RPC). A Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant administered by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will provide 80% of the funding for a two year, $200,000 project and 20% matching funds come from the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC).